Advancement Committee
Purpose:  To serve as a resource to assist Chapter members with advancement issues, including Board of Governors Exam preparation.

  • Chair – Sshune Rhodes, MHA
  • Co-Chair – Sam Soltis
  • Former Chair – Dennis Coker, FACHE
  • Bankole “Banky” Olatosi, FACHE
  • Danny Wharton, FACHE
  • Divya Reddy, FACHE
  • Jesse Lifton
  • Walter Bennett, FACHE

Audit Committee
Purpose:  To arrange and supervise an annual review of the Chapter financial activities in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and practices.

  • Chair – Jeff Cox
  • Don Peace, FACHE
  • Meredith Strehle, FACHE

Communications Committee
Purpose:  To appropriately develop and implement timely communications which effectively inform Chapter members and the local healthcare community about upcoming Chapter news and events.  This includes publishing chapter communications through an annual report, quarterly newsletters,, broadcast emails, and social media.

  • Chair – Taylor Kizer, MHA
  • Former Chair – Shana Dykema, MHA

Early Careerist Committee
To bridge the gap of young professionals in the healthcare field and serve as a transitional liaison for students becoming professionals after graduation.

  • Chair – Matt Cogdill

Growth and Diversity Committee
Purpose:  To actively seek new Chapter members, assist in the renewal of current members, and ensure diverse representation in the Chapter membership and leadership.

  • Chair – Renee Romberger, FACHE
  • Co-Chair – William Render
  • Bart Sachs, MD, FACHE
  • James Zoller
  • John Donovan
  • John Miller, FACHE
  • Juana Slade
  • Karen Schwartz, FACHE
  • Kinneil Coltman
  • Matthew Cogdill
  • Michelle Taylor-Smith, FACHE
  • Sue Shugart, FACHE

Nominating Committee
Purpose:  To identify and recruit volunteers to serve on the SC ACHE Chapter Board of Directors.

  • Chair – Don Peace, PhD, FACHE
  • Adam Allen, FACHE
  • Bart Sachs, MD, FACHE
  • Sue Shugart, FACHE

Programs Committee
Purpose:  To actively assess, plan and implement annual programs for education and professional development as well as networking opportunities for chapter members and the local healthcare community.  Coordinates education offerings with LPC Chairs, assuring compliance with ACHE guidelines for local credits.

  • Chair – Kolby Redd, PhD
  • Cory Robinson
  • Emilie Keene, FACHE
  • Furman Lovett
  • Jennifer Alex
  • Josh Duffey, MHA
  • Matt Littlejohn
  • Pete Swyt
  • Valerie Johnston, FACHE

Sponsorships Committee
Purpose:  To maintain a sponsorships program that enhances the programs, products, and services that our chapter and LPCs can offer its members.

  • Chair – Suzie Doscher, FACHE
  • Co-Chair – Bill Manson, FACHE
  • Abygail Wilson
  • John Donovan
  • Katie Bonini
  • Kolby Redd, PhD
  • Lara Hewitt
  • Morgan Milano