Board of Governors (BOG) Exam Prep Course FAQs

  1. Can I audit the course for free?
    Unfortunately, you will not be able to audit the course for free. Allowing you to audit/listen would create a few issues. The first and most simple issue relates to the cost. If we allowed one free participant, even if it’s just to audit, others may ask to do the same. While we are willing to reimburse course participants their fee, effectively making it free for SC ACHE members, this applies only if the participant plays an active role in the program and sits for the BOG Exam before end of the year. Second, as a course participant you play an active role as both student and teacher. At the Orientation Session, each participant will be assigned to a group that will teach a knowledge area of the exam. We understand that some participants would prefer to listen silently but that is not the structure of the program.
  2. Should I take this course even if I’m not eligible for the FACHE designation yet?
    SC ACHE strongly discourages members who are not eligible for the FACHE designation from taking this course. However, ACHE is available to assist you in determining your eligibility. We highly recommend that you apply for board certification prior to taking this course in order to confirm your eligibility to sit for the BOG exam. Alternately, you can contact ACHE at (312) 424-9400 and they will discuss your potential eligibility by phone.
    If you take this course prior to formal approval of your Board Certification application and your application is not approved by ACHE, the Chapter cannot assist with getting your application denial overturned. In these instances, the course will serve a strictly informational/educational purpose.
  3. How do I get approved for the FACHE designation?
    Participants can review the full list of requirements to apply for Board Certification (FACHE) here. As noted above, we strongly encourage participants to apply for Board Certification in advance of our program. If you need assistance with the application process (e.g. references), contact us at
  4. Can I take only the web portion and miss the one in-person day?
    Everyone who participates in this program will play an active role as both student and teacher. The face-to-face Orientation Session is crucial given that you will be introduced to your teammates for the knowledge area you will be assigned to lead. We understand that extenuating circumstances may arise and we are willing to work with those individuals who may fall into this category but we expect for everyone who registers to attend the Orientation Session.
  5. I have registered for the event but noticed there is a minimum participation requirement in order for the course to proceed. What will happen if this minimum requirement is not met?
    If you have registered for the course and the minimum participation requirement is not met the course will be cancelled and you will receive a full refund of your registration fee.
  6. How often will this course be offered if I cannot attend this session?
    If you cannot attend this session, SC ACHE offers the Board of Governors Exam Prep course annually.