Official Notice for the 2016–2017 Council of Regents Elections

This official notice serves as the beginning of the election process to select new Regents to serve on the American College of Healthcare Executives Council of Regents, the legislative body that represents ACHE’s members. Service as an elected official is a unique opportunity to exercise your leadership ability, share innovative ideas, and act on behalf of fellow members.

All Fellows who wish to run for election must submit either a letter of intent to ACHE via certified mail postmarked by Aug. 26, 2016, or an electronic letter of intent to When submitting the letter of intent,please use this form (PDF) and return it to the attention of Caitlin E. Stine, Regent Elections Coordinator, Division of Regional Services, American College of Healthcare Executives, One North Franklin Street, Suite 1700, Chicago, Illinois 60606-3529. If you have submitted your letter of intent electronically, and you haven’t received confirmation that it was acknowledged by Sept. 2, 2016, please contact Caitlin Stine at (312) 424-9324

Please note:

  • New Regents will each serve a three-year term on the Council of Regents beginning at the close of the 2017 Council of Regents meeting during ACHE’s annual Congress on Healthcare Leadership.
  • This official notice is the only notification for the 2016–2017 Council of Regents elections.
  • Members are assigned to a Regent jurisdiction based on their business address. Fellows who are uncertain about their jurisdiction or would like additional information about the responsibilities of a Regent may contact Caitlin E. Stine, communications specialist, Regional Services at (312) 424-9324

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