SC ACHE Chapter Receives 2013 Award of Chapter Merit

We are pleased to announce that the SC ACHE Chapter has received the Award of Chapter Merit again in 2013!

As we continue our efforts to improve the services provided to our state’s ACHE affiliates, we are excited to receive the Award of Chapter Merit for a second consecutive year. We attribute the continued success of the Chapter to the growing involvement of our membership, the support of our board, the creation of a number of new committees, and the revitalization of our LPCs. It is our intention to improve our Award status in 2014 and beyond by providing more educational programs, networking opportunities, and support for advancement.

2013 ACHE Award of Chapter Merit
2013 ACHE Award of Chapter Merit

ACHE’s Chapter Management & Awards Program

The purpose of the ACHE Chapter Management and Awards Program is to ensure the consistent delivery of quality services to ACHE affiliates by ACHE chapters. The awards and recognition system is designed to acknowledge superior chapter performance based on objectively measured results. The performance standards change each year and are based on the previous year’s performance of all chapters.

There are four Award Performance Indicators used to determine the quality of service being provided by each chapter:

  • Education and Networking Performance
  • Net Membership Growth
  • Level of Member Satisfaction
  • Advancement of Eligible Members

Full details on the Chapter Management and Awards Program are available on

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