SC Students Accepted as Program Assistants for the 2013 Congress on Healthcare Leadership

2013 Congress on Healthcare LeadershipCongratulations to the following SC students who were accepted as Program assistants for the 2013 Congress on Healthcare Leadership:

  • Nalini Agarwal
  • Blain Alfonso
  • Chase Babcock
  • Casey Browder
  • Michael J. Buckingham
  • Ashley Butler
  • Robert R. Cardell IV
  • Benjamin D. Frank
  • Dallas S. Gordon
  • Kelsey Heiter
  • Haley S. Henderson
  • Audra Lake
  • Punam Patel
  • Eric J. Rebraca, RN
  • Stephen A. Short

Program assistants work a minimum of ten hours at Congress seminars, receptions and luncheons, collecting tickets, introducing faculty and distributing seminar materials in exchange for a refund of the $415 student registration fee.

The intent of the Program Assistantship is to provide complimentary tuition for the students in exchange for their time, with the assumption that they are not receiving any additional funds for their tuition from their programs or local chapters. Additional details on the Program Assistantship is available on

Congratulations students and we look forward to seeing you in Chicago!

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