Congratulations to Our New Members, Newest Fellows, Soon-to-Be Fellows, and Continuing Fellows – August 2016


  • LCDR Emily M. Dover, FACHE, US Navy
  • Megan Mack, FACHE, Beaufort Memorial Hospital

New Members

  • Morgan Rackley Bowne, South Carolina Hospital Association
  • Ryan Geib, HCA
  • Signe K. Malcolm, Palmetto Health
  • Erik A. Sinegal, Embrace Hospice
  • Steven Svoboda, HCA Healthcare
  • Emily Wagner, Webber Kerr Associates

Recertified Fellows

  • CAPT Sharon K. Winkler, FACHE, Naval Health Clinic

Join Us for the 16th Annual SC ACHE Chapter Leadership Conference!

Join us on October 6, 2016 from 9:00 a.m. – 4:15 p.m. at PHTS for the 16th Annual SC ACHE Chapter Leadership Conference: Critical Financial Skills for Hospital Success!

Shrinking profit margins due to reductions in Medicare and managed care reimbursement and the escalating cost of providing high-quality patient care have resulted in a renewed emphasis on financial skills for today’s healthcare executives. By understanding the organizational requirements that affect your financial outcomes, you can help your organization remain competitive. You will leave this seminar with the financial analysis tools and techniques needed to achieve your organizational and financial goals.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the details of financial statements and their relevance to the organization’s financial outcomes.
  • Use financial ratios to measure your organization against standard benchmarks.
  • Apply operating and capital budgeting techniques to achieve optimum success.
  • Benchmark against the industry financial metrics to gauge organizational performance.
  • Differentiate the elements of operating and capital budgets that have the greatest effect on financial outcomes.
  • Prosper in this difficult economic cycle of reduced reimbursement and tightening credit.

Click here to download the conference brochure and to register. We look forward to seeing you there!

Congratulations to Our New Members, Newest Fellows, Soon-to-Be Fellows, and Continuing Fellows – July 2016

Members Who Recently Passed the Board of Governors Exam

  • Megan Mack, Beaufort Memorial Hospital

New Members

  • Chasity Yvette Ramos, MUSC Medical Center
  • Christina Baranoski, MUSC Primary Care
  • 1Lt Christine Morshed, USAF
  • Cornelius Gude, Molina Healthcare of SC
  • Dennis Zeng, Charleston
  • Jocelyn C. Fuller, Carolinas HealthCare System
  • Katherine N. Wanstall, MUSC
  • Matthew Conrad, Carolinas Hospital System
  • Paige S. Beauregard, RN, Regency Hospital of Greenville

Recertified Fellows

  • LCDR James Adwell, FACHE
  • Matthew J. Severance, FACHE, Roper St. Francis Healthcare
  • Meredith S. Strehle, FACHE, MUSC Children’s Hospital
  • Ronald L. Boring, DHA, FACHE, McLeod Health

Official Notice for the 2016–2017 Council of Regents Elections

This official notice serves as the beginning of the election process to select new Regents to serve on the American College of Healthcare Executives Council of Regents, the legislative body that represents ACHE’s members. Service as an elected official is a unique opportunity to exercise your leadership ability, share innovative ideas, and act on behalf of fellow members.

All Fellows who wish to run for election must submit either a letter of intent to ACHE via certified mail postmarked by Aug. 26, 2016, or an electronic letter of intent to When submitting the letter of intent,please use this form (PDF) and return it to the attention of Caitlin E. Stine, Regent Elections Coordinator, Division of Regional Services, American College of Healthcare Executives, One North Franklin Street, Suite 1700, Chicago, Illinois 60606-3529. If you have submitted your letter of intent electronically, and you haven’t received confirmation that it was acknowledged by Sept. 2, 2016, please contact Caitlin Stine at (312) 424-9324

Please note:

  • New Regents will each serve a three-year term on the Council of Regents beginning at the close of the 2017 Council of Regents meeting during ACHE’s annual Congress on Healthcare Leadership.
  • This official notice is the only notification for the 2016–2017 Council of Regents elections.
  • Members are assigned to a Regent jurisdiction based on their business address. Fellows who are uncertain about their jurisdiction or would like additional information about the responsibilities of a Regent may contact Caitlin E. Stine, communications specialist, Regional Services at (312) 424-9324

Congratulations to Our New Members, Newest Fellows, Soon-to-Be Fellows, and Continuing Fellows – May and June 2016


New Members

  • Amanda White, Rock Hill
  • Callie A. Hayden, Palmetto Health
  • Darlene Hines, Fairfield Memorial Hospital
  • Elizabeth Dale, AstraZeneca
  • John G. Wells, Columbia
  • Joshua Duffey, MHA, Palmetto Health
  • Menyika L. McGhee, Air Force
  • Taylor Kizer, MHA, Palmetto Health
  • Tiffany Boller, RN, Tenet Healthcare Corporation
  • Wanda Shears-Carter, VHA

Recertified Fellows

  • Jonathan Zivony, FACHE, Overton Brooks VA Medical Center
  • Patricia C. Johnson, FACHE, PJ Johnson Insurance


New Members

  • SSG Andrew P. Waterman, Providence Health
  • Brandon Willis, Lexington
  • Dan Murphy, MUSC Health
  • Erin M. Mitchell, MHA, Columbia
  • CPT Kristal McKoy, McLeod Medical Center

Recertified Fellows

  • Emilie M. Keene, FACHE, Palmetto Health
  • J. S. Broome, FACHE, Roper St. Francis Healthcare
  • Kevin W. Lovett, FACHE, Conway Medical Center
  • Tim Brookshire, FACHE, Greenville Health System